Weight management had never been an issue when I was younger and more active.  When I moved to Bend in 2014 my weight had crept up to almost 200 pounds.  I wanted to be ‘Me’ again, healthy and active.  I did not like the way I looked, my clothes didn’t fit and bending over to tie my shoes was challenging.  My doctor recommended that I meet with Annie to help me lose weight. But the thought of going to a dietitian intimidated me.  In my mind I was thinking that she’s probably skinny, clinical and matter of fact.  I found Annie to be quite the opposite.  Annie was so friendly and warm.  She made me feel like l could share anything with her.  With Annie’s help I have lost almost 45 pounds!  I can wear my old clothes again, I feel healthy and happy and am very pleased with my results.

POSTED BY admin | Feb, 19, 2018 |