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Making healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle is one of the hardest things you can do.

Why do it alone? We help with that!

Annie Baumann

An Introduction

Who I Am

Annie Baumann

Annie Baumann

Dietitian and Owner

Annie Baumann graduated from Montana State University in 2002. She completed her Coordinated Program in Dietetics at Washington State University in 2004. Annie is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian and holds a Certificate of Training in Childhood, Adolescent, and Adult Weight Management from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

As well as being a dietitian and nutritionist, Annie’s special interests include weight management, diabetes education, and heart health. She enjoys building long-standing relationships with her patients and helping them navigate the struggles involved in making diet and lifestyle changes. She feels lucky to run her own practice, which allows her to work part-time. Balancing work and the needs of her family and allowing her to care for herself is important to her.

When she is not working, Annie enjoys spending time with her husband, two daughters, and their dog Odie – who often accompanies her to the office. She enjoys taking advantage of all that Central Oregon has to offer, including skiing, rafting, and hiking. When she is not outside, she enjoys relaxing in front of the TV and playing with her girls.

And now

What You Really Want to Know

I’m a real person just like you.  I know that making changes to your diet and lifestyle is difficult – extremely difficult.  In fact, I struggle with my diet and exercise choices every day.  I’m not your stereotypical size 2 dietitian who is going to tell you that kale is delicious, gluten is the devil and that you should never enjoy a cookie again.  I am here to provide you with information that you can trust to help you meet your diet and lifestyle goals.  I can help you to understand how nutrition impacts your specific health concerns and I am not going to judge you if you’re not perfect with your diet and exercise choices.  Because hey….I’m not perfect either.


what clients say about us

Annie has supplied me with helpful and practical information.  She encourages questions and is happy to answer as many has I have.  Annie also welcomes calls and/or texts if I have a question in between our appointments. 
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After working with Annie, I have reached my weight loss goal and feel confident about maintaining my weight loss long term.  In addition to weight loss I have lowered my risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
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Annie was so friendly and warm.  She made me feel like l could share anything with her.  With Annie’s help I have lost almost 45 pounds!  I can wear my old clothes again, I feel healthy and happy and am very pleased with my results.
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